Being around such high achievers in Kingdom Builders Academy has made me realize that I can also achieve my dreams. KBA snatched me out of my comfort zone and stretched me beyond my natural limits. Today I am pushing forward, learning and celebrating every victory! – Tracey Chambati

Tamara’s free Boot Camp has been an amazing experience for me! It helped me to find my niche in Coaching/Mentoring. It is time for this Eagle to Soar! Thank you! – Brenda Armstead

I have enjoyed Boot Camp very much. I have been inspired by Tamara’s life story, her exceptional talents, and her faith-filled, God honoring, charitable spirit. I have learned that many ordinary people, like myself, have successfully applied the Kingdom Builders Academy principles to create successful businesses while advancing God’s Kingdom.   Richard Davidson

When I signed up for Tamara’s free Boot Camp I had zero skills in product creation, coaching, sales, writing, speaking and online business. Now I have a head spinning with ideas, and a new level of confidence in who I am, and a way to go forward. I am extremely excited about it all. Thank you so much for such a positive and Spirit filled boot camp. It really has blessed me abundantly! – Leonore Leake

I am very grateful for this opportunity, which has helped tie together the many dreams and visions I’ve had but never the confidence to step out. Now I see that our gifts are exactly that; gifts to us to be given to the world. I have joined KBA and am drafting an online course while continuing to learn and recommend others to your ministry. Thank you Tamara and staff! – Janine Duron

After finishing Boot Camp, I was asked to join Inner Circle and the Fast Track Coaching Certification program. Coach Tamara herself describes Fast Track as “intensive and aggressive” and that it is. I can think of no other way I could have grown as fast and as much without the accountability of this 12 week program. I have written an e-book, developed a website, constructed landing pages, done videos and webinars, been all over social media, and have a working knowledge of many apps and programs I had not heard of previously. I have been so blessed by the coaches and speakers in the community on the weekly webinars. Their example and expertise has been inspirational. – Kay Danley

The more I work through Tamara’s free Boot Camp modules, the more God people I invite who need to be here too. I can’t make them join but I can share with them what it is doing for me. I’m not being arrogant, but honest, when I say that I am a highly experienced businessman and entrepreneur — but if I need to be here (and I do) so do many others! You never want to be the smartest person in the room and we can all learn from Coach Tamara and her team!  – Jeff Brewer

I so appreciated the free Strategy Session that Tamara offers with Boot Camp. It was pure joy! Coach Joyce and I connected like old friends. Ideas for two books came out of that one conversation. I have already published Radical Love: In and Out of His Church on Amazon! God bless Tamara and Kingdom Builders Academy! – Elizabeth Pringle

Two months ago I had business ideas but absolutely no clue about how to get them started. Today, thanks to Tamara Lowe’s Inner Circle, my business idea is becoming reality. I have written and published my own book, created and published landing pages, hosted a teleseminar, created tutorials and videos, and created product covers on my own! Now I am confident I can start and run any business successfully using the tools and techniques I learned in Inner Circle. It feels like I’m rising with wings of an eagle! – Reginald Rockson

Tamara Lowe’s free Boot Camp was like bread from heaven! It couldn’t have come at better time to rejuvenate my dreams and the drive for the pursuit of my destiny. Boot Camp gave me an awesome system and aligned my focus. Since Boot Camp, my proprietary system is quickly coming together! I even wrote an eBook, that I’m really proud of: The House of You: Built for a Purpose in just TWO days! I also received a speaking engagement as a result of publishing and promoting my book! It finally feels like I’m morphing into who God designed me to be, and Boot Camp was the catalyst. I’m grateful! – Michelle Chudy

There is potential in each one of us. God has deposited His message in us and He wants us to share that with those who need to hear it. I am thankful to Kingdom Builders Academy for sharing the tools with us. Because of what I learned in Tamara Lowe’s free Boot Camp I have published an e-book, held teleseminars and produced webinars for the very first time. I know I am in the beginning of an amazing journey. Thank you, Tamara! – Sean Mark Gillespie

I never dreamed I would be doing what I am doing. Just a few weeks into Kingdom Builder’s Academy, I have written and published an ebook, scheduled a teleseminar about the ebook and coaching webinars on the same topic. I have learned to do landing pages and integrations of things I have never heard of! Thanks to Tamara and all the KBA coaches and fellow members who are so extremely helpful and encouraging. I am grateful to be moving forward with you all! – Brenda Harkins

What a tremendous blessing Kingdom Builders Academy has been for me! I’ve had more hands-on training in the last two months than I’d expected! I’m learning first-hand how to grow and market my business. I’m learning how to take my message to the people. Thank you Coach Tamara and Kingdom Builders Academy team members for how you’re blessing the multitudes with this training! Awesome job! – Pamelaia Sanders

Thanks Coach Tamara! Since connecting with Kingdom Builders Academy I am back in ministry again. For a period of ten years my ministry had stagnated but now through you, Tamara, and the other coaches at KBA… this is a new day!
– Rev. Sanya William Ogongo, Mombasa Kenya